Friday, 15 July 2011

Something for the weekend.

So, there has been some life aboard ship this week. A bit more on my Sanguinary Guard Termies:

 A lot of ebay action too, I just can't help myself. These guys will be the basis of one of my regular sang guard squads.

 A forge dread. Needs a lick of paint in the correct colours obviously.
 Assault termies, they were yellow, what can I say.
These is not an ebay purchase. This is my bro's Howling Griffon chapter master. I offered to do a new version for him, He said yes. Think it will keep me occupied when I've had it with painting yellow..........bugger.


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  2. Really liking your Sang Termies. Did you freehand the chapter symbol as they look really neat? I'm thinking of using circle transfers from the space marine sheets (with skulls on) and painting the hearts on the the circlular transfers for my Lamenters, i don't want to mess up painting white circles over my chequers.

  3. I did indeed free hand the chapter symbol.
    I don't paint white circles on the chequers. I quickly realised that it was a waste of time that way round. I just paint a white circle first then pain the squares around it.

    The other option is to use the shoulder pads in the sang guard box. There are ones with symbols mounted on a circular pad. Cut off the symbol and voila you have a clear circle to paint on. I used them as training wheels and stopped after I used about 15-20 of them.