Monday, 11 July 2011

Chequers chequers chequers.............

Getting a bit fed up with all these chequers. Not quite sure where to go with the paint job now, any suggestions?
I was thinking have the left leg yellow and not chequered and then have the left kneepad with a red stripe on it alla lamenter helmets.


  1. The chequers look really neat how do you do them?

    As to the leg I think you should go with gold, otherwise you might run the risk of only having the body golden which might look out of place? The red stripe on the knee would look good. What colour are you going with for the eyes?

  2. Lots of patience on the chequers. I find it best to start with five squares like on a dice. Make sure they are equal size and go from there. It can go wrong though when you get to the last bit and the squares don't match up.

    My table lamp was sabotaged by a new light bulb so I can't paint at the moment.