Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Ok, so as promised I have posted stuff I have been working on for my Lamenters. I won't go through the WIP stages for this lot as it will take ages. Most of this stuff is done though there might be the occasional bit  still to put some paint on.
Anyways, in no particular order we have:

 An objective marker I had to bash together for a tournament. I quite like it though.
 That landraider from my last WIP post.
And what it looks like from the side.....this took ages and I will NOT be doing it again
 Land Speeder Tempest (I think)
 A tactical squad I managed to do after I went to my first tournament, riding the wave of motivation for a couple of weeks. Stupidly I decided I needed more assault marines but did these instead.
 Dark Vengeance termies with a bit of cutting a filing to make them less dark.
 So that's all for now folks but I am in the middle of a little spurt so there might be some Sanguinary Guard, more termies, an assault squad and maybe even a devastator squad on the horizon.


Sunday, 23 September 2012


Hello All,
It has been a while since I last posted in this blog. I have been continuing with my Lamenters but mostly just posting at the B&C.
However I will be posting my latest efforts here later on, so watch this space.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tank Action

A double post today, I have been fairly busy but not massively, anyway, I took a break from painting foot sloggers and attacked this with a brush. Not a great idea for a company that I a making for boarding actions but I reckon I can find a ship big enough to drive a Land Raider along.

There will be some hazard stripes on the front here
This is all that is left of some more ambitious free handing but ultimately disastrous. I will just stick a name banner on it and leave it there.
This side was a REAL bugger and is still a bugger. I think you get the idea though....

C&C welcome as always chaps.

Tactical Squad

I've been a bit (massively) lax of late when it has come to updating this blog, though I have been doing so for my B&C thread. Anyways, on to the space marine porn:
These guys still need a fair amount of work but the a few more colours and I can start with the washes and then highlights.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Wings of ????

Well, I'm finally back from my tour of the souther hemisphere. Have been home for a week now and just about become accustomed to the chilly weather (it was quite a shock when you consider I was sunbathing two weeks ago).

Anyways, I have managed to get some paint on a few Sanguinary Guard chappies this week.

I do need some help with them though, I am not sure what colour to make the wings. I would have initially thought black and white but I feel it would be too much. I am personally tending towards plain white or red but want to hear what you lot think.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Assault Squad Done

Here's the photos of my assault squad. Haven't had much time for these dudes recently and am off on holiday next week so nothing else will get done for almost 2 months.
Comments and Criticism welcome as always.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Assault Squad WIP

Bases next and a few gems, but the Scottish assault marines are finished.

Also and because I can, some Force in Progress photos:
The third company, 30  tac marines short.

First company, was going to just get a battle company but things are getting out of hand.... I think I have an addiction.