Sunday, 31 July 2011

More Bloody Sanguinarians! (pun intended)

So got some mini golden boys on the go. These will make up a Sanguniary Host for apocalypse. The whol force I am doing is meant to be one anyways.
You might recognise them if you have read my B&C thread. The guy one in from the right has gone through a few incarnations before I got him to this state and he looks much better now.

What were my void assault marines, they have been requisitioned for the good of the chapter

These guys are meant to look like Sanguinius as he appears on the SG bpx's flag.

And finally some vanguard vets that will probably get some halberds as their weapon of choice. They are bad ass enough to kill a dread so the bases will all  be similarly themed. That and I am lazy and the two arms were the easiest thing to pin them too. That's what you get from ebay bargains, why are the slots always cut off.
That's it for now, more stuff in progress which I will post later this week. In the meantime stay emotional and stuff, just like true Lamenters.

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