Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tank Action

A double post today, I have been fairly busy but not massively, anyway, I took a break from painting foot sloggers and attacked this with a brush. Not a great idea for a company that I a making for boarding actions but I reckon I can find a ship big enough to drive a Land Raider along.

There will be some hazard stripes on the front here
This is all that is left of some more ambitious free handing but ultimately disastrous. I will just stick a name banner on it and leave it there.
This side was a REAL bugger and is still a bugger. I think you get the idea though....

C&C welcome as always chaps.

Tactical Squad

I've been a bit (massively) lax of late when it has come to updating this blog, though I have been doing so for my B&C thread. Anyways, on to the space marine porn:
These guys still need a fair amount of work but the a few more colours and I can start with the washes and then highlights.